How to save money on moving from California to Florida

Moving from California to Florida with your whole family can be pretty expensive. However, there are certain ways how you can save some amount of money on this process. When people are relocating from one part of the country to another, there are so many things they need to spend on. But, if you think smartly enough, you will see that there are plenty of things you can actually save on. Here, you will find some tips that can be very helpful for your moving budget and also pretty practical in general.

Use a planner and calculate your relocation expenses

First of all, using a planner when relocating from one state to another is a must, because there are so many things you need to think about. One of them is documents, permits, and laws that can be different and you need to be informed and write down the most important things so you do not forget them. Also, you can use a planner for writing down tasks that you have related to your move, home, and work. For example, since the organization is a key to success in everything, the same goes for relocating. So, you should decide which date works the best for packing your summer clothes for storage and write it down in your notebook. This will stop you from forgetting to get this thing done on time. Moreover, creating a moving checklist for each one of your family members is an extremely useful thing to do. And, finally, you should use a planner and write down your budget plan.

Use a planner to organize your budget when moving from California to Florida.
Buy a planner and start organizing your moving budget and writing down all the tasks.

Moving quotes

Secondly, you need to calculate your expenses in advance before relocating from California to Florida. Yes, you can do this by yourself, but it will definitely take you much more time and energy. On the other hand, you can contact the professionals to do this for you. All you need to do is find a company that suits you the most, contact them and send the crucial information regarding your relocation. They will include in the price the distance, type of your move, and the number of things you are relocating among other stuff.

Reuse packing materials instead of buying new packing supplies when moving from California to Florida

Thirdly, a great way to save some money when moving house is to avoid buying brand new packing supplies. Instead, take some time to check your attic, shed, basement, or some other room in your house and see what you have there. Surely, most people would find a number of cardboard boxes, old newspapers, and other materials that you can use for the packing process. This will not only be a cheaper option but also more eco-friendly. Importantly, you should use some cardboard that you find in your current place for protecting your floors while moving bulky furniture items.

Cardboard boxes.
Use the cardboard boxes that you already have in your home and avoid spending money on new ones.

Get rid of all the items you no longer need when moving from California to Florida

Fourthly, you should not waste any of your money on relocating the items you no longer need all the way to Florida. And wasting your space in your new house or apartment as well. Or renting a storage unit for the things you will not use at all. It is very important to avoid all of the mentioned options. Therefore, declutter your current house in California and separate the objects you do not want to take with you. You can choose what you will do with them.

A backyard sale.
Organize a backyard sale and get rid of all the items you do not want to take with you to Florida.

For example, if some of them are almost or even completely new because you did not use them at all, you can sell them. This you can do on the internet, or you can organize a backyard sale. If possible because of the current pandemic, of course. In case you choose to organize a backyard sale, you have to be extremely careful and respect all safety measures. This refers to wearing face masks, keeping a distance, using hand gels, and not shaking hands with anyone. Also, you can always donate some items that are in a good shape. And throw away the ones that nobody can use.

Hire a reliable moving company when moving from California to Florida

Fifthly, you should hire a reliable moving company for your move from California to Florida if you do not want to be tricked into spending more than necessary. This means that you need to do research on more companies. Reading reviews, contacting their representatives, and asking the people you know for recommendations are all parts of this process.  We advise you to check out

Find a relocation company that has to offer all services that you need when relocating from one state to another

Sixthly, to save money on your move you should hire one company for all services that you need for your relocation process. This is because you can get a discount on some things if you work only with them and take a full package. If you have kids, you will have to think about so many things when moving to Florida. For this reason, you should hire professionals for all the tasks you do not have time for.


To conclude, in order to save money when moving from California to Florida, you should consider doing certain things. Firstly, you should use a planner to organize and write down everything. Secondly, you need to calculate your moving expenses earlier to be ready. Thirdly, reusing packing materials is a must because of both money and our surroundings. In addition, getting rid of all unwanted items will be a great money saver. Hiring reliable movers who will not trick you is very important, as well. Lastly, hiring one company for all services can mean a certain discount.

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