How to move bulky items without damaging the property

No matter if you are moving just around the corner you will need to know how to move bulky items without damaging them or hurting yourself. You don’t want to end up in the hospital because of moving. First, start small and pack everything in their boxes. Here are the best ways to label moving boxes. This will give you more room when you start packing and moving bulky and large items. Make sure that you think through what options you have and decide on the best one for you.

The best way is to hire professional movers

When you have to move bulky items the best option is to hire professional movers. That way they can do all the work for you and you will not have to worry about injuring yourself or damaging the property. Not to mention they will have everything that a person will need when moving large and heavy items. For example dollies, sliders, etc.

Make sure to let them know what exactly you want to move so they come prepared with items that will help them move it. Don’t forget how to pack breakable items when moving so they don’t get destroyed in the process. Hiring professionals will make the whole process easier for you and it is recommended to hire them even if you don’t have bulky items because they will help you out a lot.

Man waiting with a dollies to move items
When you have heavy and bulky items to move the best option is to hire professional movers.


When you move bulky items by yourself

If you choose to move all by yourself be very careful. Especially when moving heavy and bulky items. You will need to call your friends for some help and get some supplies you will need. For example, one of them that you will use and be grateful you have are dollies for moving heavy items.

You can buy this and other necessary tools for moving big bulky items at your hardware store or online. This will not only help you move but it is a must-have when doing it without professionals. It will lessen the percent of injuring yourself or damaging the items.

Inside of a hardware store
If you are doing it by yourself make sure you visit a hardware store for necessities

Disassemble your items

If it is possible disassemble your bulky items. It does not matter if you are moving by yourself or you hired professionals. This will make the whole process easier for everyone. And if you cant disassemble then make sure that everything is empty. For example, the drawers and shelves. This will make it easier to handle the bulky closet. If you are moving your office, you can sort documentation this way and get it ready for the relocation.

Make sure that the path is clear when you start moving big items. Don’t let anything be on the floor that you can trip on. Another good idea while you move bulky items is to put cardboard or towels on the floor to protect them against damage.

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