How to Store a Kayak Without Damaging it

It’s really important to know how to store certain items you own. In order for things to last through various weather changes, sometimes storage is the best option. Placing items in storage does take some research and preparation. For example, You need to wrap antique items well enough as they might sit in storage for a while. Meanwhile, in order to store a kayak without damaging it, it’s important to know what will benefit it and what might cause damage. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll share some tips on storing your kayak efficiently and successfully.

Store a Kayak Without Damaging It

If you need to store a kayak for some time, it’s essential to know how to properly do so in order to avoid damaging it. Whether you are storing it temporarily or for a bit longer, review how to avoid certain challenges when storing your kayak. Overall, there are two options for kayak storage. Most people opt to store it indoors. However, if properly equipped and protected, you can store a kayak without damaging it outdoors as well.

A kayak in the water.
Storing a kayak may look simple, and it can be if you know how to properly secure it for storage over time.

What, Where & How

A kayak may look simple, but when trying to store it you realize that it can become bulky and tricky. Deciding to store a kayak will protect it from aspects such as sunlight, moisture, heat, and cold. So, how do you go about choosing your location? The answer to that depends on a location that has the least exposure to the four elements mentioned above. Having your kayak exposed to either sunlight, moisture, heat, or cold over a period of time can get it to deteriorate fairly quickly. Therefore, choose your location, whether indoors or outdoors, based on those conditions.

Moreover, when it comes to indoor locations, storing your kayak in your shed, garage or house would be a good idea. At least this way you know those damaging elements cannot affect it at all.

Outdoor Storage

On the other hand, sometimes we might not have the option to store a kayak indoors. Therefore, it’s important to know how to protect it when stored outside. The key element to keep in mind when deciding on an outdoor location is to ensure that there is enough shade and no moisture. Protecting your boat from UV rays is very important. If you are unable to find a good amount of shade for the kayak, then you can use a weather-resistant tarp. Don’t wrap your boat in it, because it can cause mold or fungal growth. Instead, try to suspend the tarp over the kayak so that it provides shade at all times. In addition, ensure that it is suspended well so that certain weather conditions don’t cause it to bend or touch the boat.

Paddles in various colors.
Protect your kayak by storing it away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Avoid Damage

All in all, ensure to prepare to store a kayak. Before placing it in storage, use fresh water to rinse off dirt, sand, salt, and grime. Meanwhile, ensure that however you store it, it is proportional. Ensure that the weight of it is distributed evenly to avoid damage through time. As long as you use the proper materials to store it while ensuring it is safe and protected at all times, your kayak will be as good as new when you want to use it again.

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