How to survive an interstate move in bad weather

Most people are moving during the summer. Kids are not in school, the weather is good, people are on vacation, etc. But, what to do when someone needs to move when it is raining, snowing or it is colder? How to survive an interstate move in bad weather and protect all your belongings?

Long-distance moves are not easy. Maybe in one state is sunny and beautiful, and in another state is raining. So, you must be prepared, especially if you are moving from the southern part of the USA to the northern, or vice versa, for example moving from NYC to Miami. The weather is completely different during the winter and fall between these two parts of the country.

A highway.
One state may have amazing weather and another may have bad weather, so be prepared when moving interstate

Tips to survive an interstate move in bad weather

Bad weather can’t stop you from relocating, but on the other hand, you must be fully prepared. That means to prepare and protect all your household items because bad weather can ruin them. Also, think about your safety, especially if it is snowing.

If you are leaving California and settling down in Sunshine State, think about hurricanes. Some cities in Florida have more hurricanes than other cities, so explore that first. You don’t want to move in the middle of the hurricane.

Girl in the rain.
Rain should not stop you to move, but you should protect all your boxes – you can survive an interstate move in bad weather

How to pack for a move in bad weather?

The first thing you need to prepare for bad weather, is your household items, especially electronics and wooden furniture.

  • Use new and firm cardboard boxes, they are more durable than you may think. But, to survive an interstate move in bad weather, you need to seal them well, with strong and quality packing tape.
  • If you need to move artwork interstate, wrap it in a plastic wrap and secure all the edges.
  • Plastic bags are perfect for moving clothing and linens (and other similar materials). A plastic bag will keep your items dry and safe.
  • Small electronics and cables should be packed into plastic bags too.
  • Protect your wooden furniture with big moving blankets and sheets. Wooden furniture and humidity are not a good couple.
  • Pack an essential moving box for you and your family. You need to pack extra clothing, such as jackets and scarves. But also, think about the first night in your home and pack blankets, linens, toiletries, non-perishable food, etc.
  • If you are moving with pets, pack all the essential items for them too. For example, prepare a blanket for your dog too, and enough snacks and water.
Girl playing in the snow - you can survive an interstate move in bad weather
Dress properly for colder weather during the relocation

Find an experienced moving company for an interstate move

The safest and easiest solution for you when it comes to transportation and moving is to hire a company to finish everything. Even if the weather is perfect, interstate moves are not simple and they require experience. It is not easy to drive the entire day (or more days).

First, research long-distance moving companies in the USA and be sure you will choose the best one. What company you will pick, depends on the state you are moving to. If you have California relocation, then search for Los Angeles Transfer and Storage and other local companies.

Also, you can hire a company to pack your moving boxes too, not only to transport them. Professionals packers know exactly how to protect things from cold, rain, or snow.

Transporting items to another state by yourself

This option is only for those who have experience in driving in bad weather. You can rent a moving vehicle and transport all your household items by yourself. Depending on where you are moving to, the trip can last for days. Make sure that the vehicle is in good shape and that the tires are good for icy roads.

Also, you will need help with packing large and heavy items and loading them into a moving vehicle. Having a moving dolly is helpful, but not enough. A couple of string friends are required.

Prepare your house

Before you start loading items into a moving vehicle, or into a moving container, you should prepare your home. How?

To survive an interstate move in bad weather, your safety always must be in the first place. Clean all the pathways from snow and leaves. Someone can fall and hurt themselves. Moving injuries are unfortunately common, especially when the weather is not good. Try to avoid them. If moving with kids, keep them away when moving all the heavy items. If you are moving from Miami, you probably don’t have experience with bad weather. North Miami’s lifestyle and weather are very different from NYC, for example.

Clean a new house before moving in

Because you are moving to another state, preparing your new house before moving in, might be a small problem. But, of course, there is a solution to every problem.

First of all, you can arrive there a day before and to clean the pathways and to make your home warm. Or if it is not possible, hire cleaning services and they will clean and make your home safe for unloading and unpacking. After all, it is easier to unpack in a clean home.


Now when you know how to move successfully, you should not be stressing out too much. You are not the only one who needs to survive an interstate move in bad weather, people are dealing with it every day. Ask for help, don’t do everything by yourself. There are a lot of things to do, not only to pack and transport items. You need to search for a new home, prepare all the documents, find schools for kids, explore a new place where you will live, be financially prepared, etc. Good luck!

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