Miamian’s handbook on Asbury Park

In many ways, Asbury Park is not that different from many places in Miami. We are sure that you are going to feel like you’re home in Asbury Park. However, differences still exist, and this is why we want to help you with the Miamian’s handbook on Asbury Park. Let’s begin!

What can you do at Asbury Park?

As we mentioned, Asbury Park is one of the coolest and most important parts “down the shore”. It gives you a feeling of a classic American coastal town, with teenagers on skateboards and families enjoying their daily walk. It is no wonder why Asbury Park is featured in so many many works of popular art. In some ways, we would argue that it is not that different from some parts of Miami. Go there and see for yourself. All you have to do is to organize the move to New Jersey.

Music and art

Miamian's handbook on Asbury Park music.
In this Miamian’s handbook on Asbury Park, we are going to explore some of the best music festivals.

With so many festivals and events, it is no wonder why Asbury Park is a magnet for so many artists and their fans. Maybe you are one of them, so pack your art supplies and head to Asbury Park! So, if you want to explore the more artistic side of Asbury Park,  here’s a list of some of the most important festivals:

  • The Asbury Park Surf Music Festival
  • The Asbury Music Awards
  • Music Mondays at Springwood Park
  • First Saturdays
  • The Asbury Park Women’s Convention
  • And many, many more

Asbury Park Boardwalk

It takes 15 minutes of walking time to get from one part of Asbury Park Boardwalk to another. If you decide to walk here, you will encounter wonderful murals in what was once Asbury Park Casino and Carousel House. Also, Asbury Park Boardwalk is the heart of Asbury Park. As we already said, you can find people skateboarding, bicycling, jogging, walking, and eating and shopping.

Asbury Park Beach

Sure, you might have great expectations coming from Miami when it comes to beaches, but trust us, Asbury Park Beach is one fantastic place. Currently, admission is $5 on weekdays, and $7 on weekends – a bargain considering how wonderful this beach is.

The Silverball Museum Arcade

Kid playing pinbal.
Turn your hat backward, put on rollerblades, and paper for the ultimate match!

When they finish the job, our friends from love to go to have some fun on pinball machines that date back to the 1950s. The Silverball Museum Arcade play is most definitely the staple of Asbury Park. So, if you want to play all-you-can-flip on the machines, go to this fantastic museum.

How can you get to Asbury Park?

More and more people every year move to Asbury Park, and we have already shown why is that. But the question remains: How can I get to Asbury Park from Miami?

The answer is obvious you have to have someone to lean on. However, if you already live nearby, having dependable people in the neighborhood is a must. So, make sure to hire a reliable local moving and storage company.

Have fun in Asbury Park!

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