Moving from Miami to Etobicoke – Things to know

Deciding to live in a new country can affect your life in a significant way. So if you want to relocate to Canada, you should expect your life to change. But before you get to Etobicoke, you have to learn about the place and how to get there. Thankfully, North Miami Mover will tell you about moving from Miami to Etobicoke. 

Moving from Miami to Etobicoke – the weather 

The first thing you have to know about Etobicoke is that the weather is different. To be precise, Etobicoke is a lot colder than Miami. So before you begin your relocation to Etobicoke, you should invest in some cold weather clothes. The coldest temperature in Florida is around 48 degrees, while in Etobicoke is 17 degrees which is below freezing. So as a Miami resident, you will have to say goodbye to beach access whenever you feel like it. But you will get access to amazing winter activities in Etobicoke. So if you want to live in a place with a less hot climate, prepare your Florida home for showings and put it on the market. 

snowy woods
By moving from Miami to Etobicoke, you will experience a lot more snow.

The cost of living in Etobicoke 

When it comes to daily expenses, Etobicoke is less expensive than Miami. Let’s see the difference in cost between Etobicoke and Miami. 

  • By moving from Miami to Etobicoke, you will pay less for restaurants. On average, a meal in a restaurant is around 5% less expensive in Etobicoke. 
  • When it comes to groceries, they are less expensive in Etobicoke. Things that are more expensive in Etobicoke are milk, domestic beer, and cigarettes. 
  • Basic utilities are 14% less expensive in Etobicoke. 
  • The biggest difference in cost is rent in Etobicoke. On average, you will pay 45% less for a one-bedroom apartment in Etobicoke. But owning property in Etobicoke will cost you more. 

So if you want to spend less on daily expenses, you should move to Etobicoke. To get to Etobicoke fast and hassle-free, team up with professionals – Etobicoke movers. They will handle your relocation with care and move you into your new place without any problems because they know there. 

Moving from Miami to Etobicoke – the location 

Miami is one of the best cities in Florida, but by moving to Etobicoke, you will be close to the greatest city in Canada. By living in Etobicoke, you will be 10 miles away from Downtown Toronto. You can reach it under 20 minutes via Gardiner Expy E. By being close to Toronto you can have a chance to get all the benefits city has to offer. Toronto has one of the best job markets in Canada, with the highest salaries. In addition, you will have access to unlimited fun in the city with the best bars and restaurants in the country. And if you are visiting Toronto for the first time, you should go to the CN Tower and check out the Royal Ontario Museum. Let’s see how to move to Etobicoke. 

An image of Toronto
Etobicoke is close to Toronto, so you can take advantage of all the benefits the city provides.

Finding movers to get you to Etobicoke

The first thing you should do when moving out of the country to Etobicoke in Canada is to get assistance from your side. Here are the things you should consider when looking for a moving company. 

  • First, you should find movers that have experience moving people from Florida to Canada. The best option would be to find Etobicoke local movers. 
  • Second, ask your friends if they can tell you about movers that move to Canada. Going with a friend’s recommendation is a foolproof way to find reliable movers to get you to Etobicoke. 
  • If your friends can not help you, then you should turn to start looking into professionals on the internet. The only thing you should look for on the internet is positive reviews for moving companies that relocate to Canada. 
  • Finally, make a list of at least four moving companies with the best reviews and contact them. Try and have an in-person conversation, but if that is not a possibility, talk on them on the phone. The conversation should be about the price and if you need any special moving services.
A man holding a box
By having movers by your side, relocation to Etobicoke will be more comfortable.

If you do not want to go through the hassles of finding a moving company, is a great choice. However, if they do not meet your moving needs, follow the tips above.

Decluttering and packing 

Decluttering your place in Miami can make your relocation to Etobicoke less costly and more comfortable. You will have less stuff to deal with, and that will make the relocation easier. So you should make a list of items you do not need in Etobicoke and get rid of them. The best option to get rid of your unwanted items is to donate them to someone in Miami. But if you need extra money to spend on your relocation, you can sell your stuff on the internet and use it. When the decluttering is complete, you can start packing your Miami household. 

  • The first thing you should do is get moving supplies. To get the right amount of moving supplies, you should measure your items. To have an idea of how many moving boxes and wrapping materials you need. If you hire movers for this job, they will usually provide the materials. 
  • When the materials arrive, you should move to pack your home in Miami. Make sure to take apart any furniture you can because it will make your packing a lot easier. To make your boxes stable, put the heavy items first and make sure to wrap everything. 

You are ready to move to Etobicoke from Miami 

You know what to expect in Etobicoke, which will make moving from Miami to Etobicoke easier. And if you still need more assistance, learn how to deal with relocation anxiety.

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