Moving to NYC with your whole family: how to organize the move

Moving to NYC with your whole family is becoming a very popular choice amongst Miamians. NYC is an amazing city, so it’s no wonder why people wish to relocate there. There are simply too many amazing opportunities. Job and otherwise. But relocating there alone is one thing and relocating a whole family there can be a much more challenging task. There is no need to worry though. We are here to help you organize the move of your family from Miami to NYC. We will also show you how to do this stress-free and hassle-free way so stay tuned!

The first step

Preparing for this relocation is the most important part. Many people like to make checklists so we suggest you try it out. While planning your future relocation start making lists of everything you need to do before you move. That way you won’t forget something important like getting your medical history for you and the kids to bring to your new state.

 A checklist when moving to NYC with your whole family.
Start preparing as soon as you can.

Moving to NYC with your whole family

If you are moving to NYC with kids, you need to plan that too. If you are traveling with babies you will be just fine – they don’t know much and they are fine wherever you take them. Toddlers are similar as long as you stick with their routine, make sure that you have plenty of snacks, and bring their favorite toys they will be just fine. Maybe even get a new toy as a bribe. But, older kids can be problematic. Teenagers especially hate change (not all of them of course). There are a lot of strategies for moving with older kids but we suggest – make it as simple as possible¬†and talking to them. Make them feel included and grown-up (even if they are not, but leveling with them is always good). Over time they will get used to the idea of moving to NYC and the chances are they will be excited. Just give them some time and space to process this.

A baby
Babies are actually the easier ones to handle when it comes to moving.

Packing for relocation

Packing surely must be the most boring part of the process of relocation. Every family has a lot of household items and the kids tend to have way too many toys and gadgets. This is simply the way it is and it’s up to you to organize the packing process. If this feels overwhelming there are movers that can do this for you. Whatever help you may need, professional movers, can do for you. But if you want to do this on your own here are a few tips that can help you speed up the process :

  • before you start with packing declutter your household
  • older kids can help with packing so give them this task, let them pack their room
  • download some moving apps or packing apps to help you
  • LABEL everything, every box you pack
  • pack breakables
  • the rest you can pack by room, don’t pack at random because it will be harder to unpack later on
  • make sure to buy some good quality moving boxes or rent plastic bins

Apps that can help you with moving to NYC

There are many apps available nowadays that can be very helpful when your relocation approaches. Some of them are moving apps, some are packing apps. There are some that can help you to feel less stressed out too! Why not use it to your advantage? You can start your search online. Type “best moving apps” and you will get a lot of hits on your Google search. Don’t worry, most of the moving apps like GetMoved and similar great moving apps are actually free so that’s always a piece of good news!

The additional help you might need for this relocation

Professional movers are the only way to relocate without any hassle. Moving companies like can assist you with all the aspects of your relocation like packing, heavy lifting, logistics, and similar. You can do everything on your own of course but getting professional help will make moving to NYC much more enjoyable for the whole family so think about this option as well.

A professional mover next to a moving truck
Hiring professional movers is always a good idea.

Moving day

This is the most hectic day usually. Mainly because there is so much to do and everything needs to be done in that one day. On top of that, you need to pay special attention to your kids or if you are traveling with seniors – to their needs. We always recommend making a checklist for this day specifically and packing a “moving day bag”. This is one bag that will contain all the necessities for your trip. All important documents, keys, spare clothes, wet wipes, drinks, snacks, or simply anything you think will be useful on the road. After all, you know your family’s needs best. You will know exactly what to pack in this bag. Don’t forget gel sanitizer for your hand and a face mask in case you need to make a stop at the gas station.

Settling in NYC

Your moving to NYC journey will end only after you unpack so get on that as soon as you can. You will probably be tired but you don’t want all those moving boxes to lay around in your new home forever. If you need extra help with unpacking you can always engage local movers to help you out with settling in. They can do it in no time and you will be ready to start exploring everything NYC has to offer and there is so much to see and do there. It will be a pretty big change coming from Miami, but change can sometimes be great and this one will be exactly that! Good luck with your relocation and make sure to plan everything ahead. That way everything will go smoothly.

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