Best locations for a luxury beach house

If you have in mind buying a luxury beach house in Florida or starting to build one, then you are just in the right place. Here, in this article, you will read more about the best locations for luxurious houses on the beach in Florida. Each and every one of these places is unique and wonderful in its own way.


The first location that is excellent for your luxury beach house is Kissimmee. This city in Florida is very popular among people with children because it is not far from different theme parks. It has beautiful beaches and some of the most famous locations are Lakefront Park, West Beach Park, and Buena Vista Watersports. If you decide to move with your whole family from New York City to this place in Florida you should start creating your checklist. This will be very helpful for you will not be able to forget to finish some task. Or bring with you something important when relocating to your beach house.

Kissimmee is among the best locations for a luxury beach house.
You can find beautiful beach houses in Kissimmee that are spacious.

Sunny Isles Beach

Secondly, there is Sunny Isles Beach, a city in Florida that has many luxurious beach houses. Definitely, here you will be able to choose from many amazing real estate properties that are on sale. So, we advise you to hire a true professional, a realtor who knows how to find a perfect beach house of your taste. You just have to explain precisely what you are looking for and there will be no problem at all. When moving to this amazing city you should collab with experienced people. This means that you should look for local movers in Sunny Isles Beach. Find professionals who have to offer all services that you need and who are reliable and trustworthy people above everything else. 

Navarre is one of the best locations for a luxury beach house

Thirdly, Navarre is a place in Florida that has an amazing beach where you can buy or build a completely new luxurious house. In case you opt for buying a real estate property here, you should search the internet in order to find a real estate professional who knows exactly how to help you to find a perfect property for you in Navarre. You can be sure that she or he will be able to find you a beach house that is luxurious. And that you and your family members will love. When moving to Navarre in Florida from California, it would be nice to save some money on the whole process. Reusing packing supplies instead of buying new ones is the very first thing that you can do to achieve this goal. Also, calling your closest friends to help you pack instead of paying professional packers for the same thing can be pretty helpful.


Fourthly, there is Aventura, a city in Florida that is excellent for people who have kids or have in mind starting a family on their own. This place has excellent educational opportunities and this is one of the main reasons why people with families want to relocate to Aventura. Moreover, retirees from all over the country choose to move here and people are pretty liberal. This city in Florida has amazing beach houses and some of them are very luxurious. When moving to this place, you can always engage experts. Luckily, there are local movers in Aventura who have a wide range of services. Some of these are residential and commercial relocation, long-distance and local move, as well as packing and storage services. Make sure to find and hire a company that will take care of your possessions in the right way. And that is offering services for reasonable prices. 

A beach house.
Aventura has amazing beach houses.

Among the best locations for a luxurious beach house is Key West

The fifth location for a luxurious beach house in Florida is Key West. This city is well-known for its exciting nightlife and interesting historic sites. Moreover, the beaches in Key West are absolutely breathtaking. And your whole family will be very happy if you choose to buy a house here. We advise you to talk with all your family members and bring a final decision on what kind of beach house to choose together. For example, if you all want a house with a big yard, make sure to info your real estate agent immediately about this.

Amelia Island

The next location that is ideal for your luxurious beach house in Florida is Amelia Island. This place has clear water, excellent restaurants with very tasty food, and amazing beaches. If you like playing golf, then buying a house here can be a great decision to make. The best thing is that you will have privacy here because the beaches on Amelia Island are not crowded. Therefore, if you are a person who values privacy, great food, and sports, then moving to Amelia Island can be the best decision you can make.

A restaurant.
Amelia Island has beautiful houses and wonderful restaurants.

Destin is among the best locations for buying a beach house

Finally, we have Destin in Florida with wonderful beaches. Some of the best are Miramar Beach and Crystal Sands Beach. Importantly, there are many beautiful beach houses that you can choose from when buying a home in Destin. It is popular among families and retirees because it is a pretty safe city. However, you should always be very careful and avoid walking down the streets alone at night hours in Destin.


To conclude, the best locations for a luxury beach house in Florida are Kissimmee, Sunny Isles Beach, Navarre, Aventura, Key West, Amelia Island, and Destin. Each and every one of these places is insanely beautiful and has to offer very nice houses. Moreover, all of these places are great for people with kids, retirees, or persons who just want to relax and live the best life possible. If you decide to buy a beach house anywhere, you should hire a realtor. Then you should think about hiring moving professionals in order to be free of stress and relaxed during your relocation.

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