Most common challenges Florida families face during a move to Washington

There are plenty of tricky tasks lurking in your future if you have opted for a long-distance move that takes you away from your home state. Particularly if it is about two states as different as Florida and Washington. However, there are ways you can prepare for it all by knowing what the obstacles will be! To this end, we present to you the most common challenges Florida families face during a move to Washington!

Stress is one of the most common challenges Florida families face during a move to Washington

The sheer stress of a move should not be discounted, particularly when it comes to a move to a different state! There is a lot to plan for and take into account. Drafting a budget. Finding a way how to move bulky items. Planning for your arrival. Looking for good schools for your kids. And then, there is the emotional side of things. You are leaving the state you had likely spent the entirety of your life in! Your family is there. Your friends, coworkers, familiar neighborhoods, and shops. If you are not careful, the stress of it all can easily sneak up on you and cause various health issues. And this is not something you can afford when you have to make sure your younger family members make it through the move okay. So, take some time to de-stress, for everyone’s sake.

Stressed out mover, one of the most common challenges Florida families face during a move to Washington
Do not let stress get to you, as it will only make things worse!

Children’s lack of patience and frequent mood swings

Kids are not very good at waiting for things. Which is often made fun of in various films, cartoons, and series. Unfortunately, it’ll be much less adorable when you are going through it yourself. This, as experts from warn, makes this one of the hardest if still among the most common challenges families face during a move. Having a hyperactive kid running around while you are trying to pack and transfer things is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way of resolving the problem. Of course, you can try to distract them. Give them a book or a comic to read. Or, if that is not something they are very interested in, some kind of a mobile game or a handheld console. You should also try to have a frank conversation with them. Explain what is going on and why it is important for them to behave.

Kid getting into trouble, one of the most common challenges Florida families face during a move to Washington
Kids are adorable little agents of chaos who WILL make your move harder!


The effect of a changing environment on children

There is also a different aspect of a move that affects children to consider. And it is a much more serious of the most common challenges a move poses than the previous entry. That is the negative impact of a move on children. We mentioned already that you, as the parents, will likely face a lot of stress. However, you are adults with plenty of life experience to draw on. You understand that moving away does not mean losing friends and family forever. Children, on the other hand, are in a much worse position to handle a long-distance move. They would be suddenly losing all of their friends, the school they are used to, and the support of familiarity when handling the world around them. This can be devastating for a child. They will need lots of love and attention. Even if you get them excited about the positive aspects.

Juggling moving and family needs

There might be many new tech trends transforming the moving industry and making a move easier. But there is still nothing that can replace you in handling all the tasks of a move that need to be completed. We have already discussed some of the family and personal aspects. What complicated things is that you cannot just focus on them. You need to take out your family’s school and medical records. You need to redirect your mail to your new address. To look for a good school and then sign your kids up for it. To first cancel your subscriptions and utilities at your previous home, and then have them activated in your new one. You need to have your ID, driver’s license, and other documents updated with your new address information. The list goes on and on. And there is no real way to get through it easily.

Shift in climate

This is another of the most common challenges a long-distance move presents that you can only try to mitigate. After all, there is nothing you can do to change the climate! However, forewarned is forearmed. Besides, in this case, the shift is not too severe. If you had moved further north, where the difference is more pronounced, you would be in much more trouble. As it is, you should definitely upgrade your wardrobe when it comes to thicker clothing. Washington might have mostly milder weather. But things can get pretty cold during the winter! Something that, coming from Florida, you will likely not be well prepared for before it suddenly hits you.

Snowy Washington street
You will likely not be really prepared for the cold weather!

Finding a good moving company

What you will be trying to do here is secure a reliable company with previous long-distance move experience. You should prioritize companies that have helped people move from Florida to Washington State, of course, but you should explore all available options. It is possible that you could find a moving company with less experience but better suited to you personally. Just do not forget to look for references and reviews! And, if possible, ask the moving company to put you in contact with their previous customers with a move similar to yours. Not only can you get feedback on their experience with the moving company, but you can also get advice that might make your move even easier!

Looking for a job

Of course, we cannot avoid talking about job hunting. If you do not already have a job lined up for you, it can be a real trial looking for one on top of everything else. You can use social media to find reliable movers, but it is much less helpful when it comes to job hunting. This means you will be using up precious time which you need to invest elsewhere. Of course, you can opt to wait and look for a job once you are settled in. Just remember to plan out your finances well if that’s the option you go for!

Final Reminder

Now that you know about the most common challenges Florida families face during a move to Washington, you should be better prepared for what is to come! Just remember that, throughout it all, your family, and particularly your children, should be your first priority.

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