Prepare your Florida to Virginia road trip map like a professional

Getting ready for a road trip is such an exciting thing to do. You can daydream about your upcoming adventures and look forward to them. But you still need to be well prepared in order to have a nice time. Preparation is the key to a successful road trip. Surely there will be some essentials you need to bring and we will make a checklist for you so you don’t forget. So read on how to create a proper Florida to Virginia road trip map.

Florida to Virginia road trip map

This ride will be over 800 miles. That means this road trip will be over 12 hours. The smart thing to do here is to divide the road trip into two equal parts. This will ensure that you are well-rested and ready to focus on driving. Of course, if you plan on doing it all at once you can but, in that case, it might be smart for one person to drive half of the road and then you can switch. This is only for safety reasons, you don’t want to drive tired. But before you start your road trip you need to make many preparations so let’s start at the beginning.

A map
Planning ahead is key to having a successful road trip. So, start with your preparations right now.

Check your car before creating a Florida to Virginia road trip map

This is the first thing on your to-do list. Go to the mechanics and make sure that your car is ready for this trip. Do this at least a week before the road so you have time in case something needs to be fixed. Also, make sure that your car is clean and smells nice – you will spend a lot of time here soon. Check to see if your reservoir is full and plan ahead where you will be filling gas on the road. You can find that information if you do a simple google search. It’s good to be prepared for things like that.

A family in the car after creating a Florida to Virginia road trip map.
Safety comes first, so check your car thoroughly before setting off.

Pack for the road trip

There are some basics everyone needs and the rest is up to you and what you need or want to bring on this road trip. Basic items every long drive needs are :

  • water ( in case you have a portable mini fridge bring it so you can have cool drinks )
  • wet wipes (the best ones on the market are water wipes – wipes containing only water and they are extra moist)
  • gel sanitizer
  • food and snacks ( don’t forget to eat along the way )
  • spare clothes
  • all necessary documents
  • medications in case you use any
  • map for the road ( even if you have an app something can happen to your internet )
  • first aid kit
  • spare tire
  • music for the road trip

Plan your route

You need to plan your route for this long trip. Don’t rely on the road signs. You can have google maps make you the shortest route or the best one and then find it on the real map you will be bringing with you. Google maps are currently the most reliable and will tell you the estimated time just find a starting point and where you are going exactly and let the app do the rest. Don’t forget to find a gas station along the way.

Map for a road trip
Online maps are amazing, but what if you happen to be without internet during the road? Have a backup map in your car.

Have a backup plan just in case

Having a backup plan is very important! You need to think ahead and plan for everything bad that can happen along the way from Florida to Virginia. Being spontaneous is all great until something happens. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for basic things that can go wrong like in case someone feels sick. That is something very usual and it’s good to have anti-sickness medication. So think about stuff like that. Also, Google Maps will tell you if there is some problematic traffic or some road constructions so you can plan the delays.

Road trip relocation

It’s not unusual for people to do relocations like this even long-distance ones. That is perfectly fine for young couples but for people with kids it can get rough real quick this way. If you have many family members it will be smart to hire professionals like Zippy Shell Northern Virginia. This is the only way to avoid stress and of course have lifting. More people means more stuff to carry so think about that one too.


While we are on this subject – renting storage is very common for people with many household items. So you can simply put away everything you don’t need in a safe unit and focus on more important things right now.

What not to do before the road trip

There are few things you need to know before making this trip. Eat your breakfast but don’t overeat. You can feel sick if you are too full. Avoid eating any risky foods. Actually, it can be smart to avoid having too many dairy products. Never drink alcohol before or during road trips. Make sure that you have comfortable clothes and shoes, anything itchy or tight should be avoided. You need to feel comfortable. The night before the road trip is not the time to start binging on a new show on your Netflix. You need to be well-rested.

Good luck

Hopefully, soon enough you will be getting ready for your exciting road trip. Follow these guidelines and you will do this road trip like a pro. These are just guidelines make your own rules to fit you and your needs perfectly. After this, you will be a road trip pro and you will know exactly what to expect and what to pack for next time.

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