Top cities in Ontario ranked by small business owners from the US

Do you think about expanding your US business to Ontario, CA? It is a big step to expand your business internationally, and choosing a good location for your office is one of the most important steps to take. Therefore, where are the best cities in Ontario ranked by small business owners according to US business owners? Or, on the other hand, if you want to open a startup – choosing the right location is a key. How to open a business in Ontario, how to move to Canada from the USA, and what should you know before taking any further steps? Being a business owner is a big responsibility and the process is long. But, with the right guide and a detailed business plan, anything is possible.

A business meeting to relocate to the best city Ontario ranked by small business owners.
Gather a team of people and start your own business.

Pros of starting a business in Ontario

Before you start your commercial relocation, know why should you choose Ontario as your business place. Why do so many business owners choose the region of Ontario for their office? Before you invest money, explore the market. Some of the advantages of running a business in Ontario, Canada are:

  • Corporate taxes are lower than they are in the USA. Canada continues to adjust tax rates to be better for business owners. Businesses from the USA, have some different taxes, but still, Canada is a very business-friendly country.
  • There are plenty of great cities in Ontario ranked by small business owners, so you will have a lot of options when it comes to the location.
  • Doing business in Canada is not that different from doing business in the USA. Many business owners are already familiar with running a business and the system is similar. Canada shares many traditions with the USA and the same language.
  • The economy in Ontario is stable and strong. Canada is high on the list when it comes to the best countries in the world for running a business.
  • There are a lot of highly educated and skilled people in Ontario who are willing to work. Canada is the number 2 country on the list of highly educated people. If you plan to hire people, Ontario is a smart choice.

The best cities in Ontario ranked by small business owners from the US

Is it better to start a business in small towns in Ontario or in a big city such as Toronto? How to choose the right city for your business and where to look for an office? One of the ways to pick a good business location is to ask for advice from other small business owners from the USA that have a business in Ontario. They already have experience and know the market. As you already know, it is not the same if you are opening a business as a foreigner and a Canadian citizen. Here is the list of top cities in Ontario ranked by small business owners from the US to consider.

Toronto as a great city in Ontario ranked by small business owners.
Explore all the cities in Ontario and choose the best for your small business


As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto has something for everyone, including small business owners from the USA. It has business in almost every industry. A vibrant city with a big population and many tourists come to visit Toronto. There is no question that Toronto is a city of opportunities.


Kitchener is one of the cities with the biggest growth. This makes it a perfect place to start your small business. If you want to move an office here, pros can ensure efficiency and move without losing productivity. A good organization while moving a business is a key. 


As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is a big opportunity for small and big businesses – from all around the world, not only for small US businesses. The economy is strong, job growth is higher and higher, a lot of talented young professionals live here, and it has great scores when it comes to work-life balance.


This city in Ontario is a city of the future and it is known for food processing. It has a rich agriculture base which is great if you want to work in that industry. Only Brampton is responsible for 38% of total Canada’s food processing industry’s revenue.

Other cities to consider are London and Kingston.

Hiring a company for moving from the USA to Ontario

If you are moving your house besides your office from the USA to Canada, moving long-distance will not be easy. But, with help of a professional moving company from Ontario that already has a lot of experience and knowledge about relocation. Hire a reliable and reputable moving company on and make sure to have an easy and successful relocation to another country at the same time. Organizing a relocation will be better if you create a moving checklist. Start packing on time because that task will take you most of the time when moving. Especially when you are moving to another country.

How to start a business in Ontario?

Before you think about office design ideas that boost productivity, you need to create a business plan and plan everything in advance. The first step is to choose one of the cities in Ontario ranked by small business owners, and then create a checklist and gather all the paperwork needed for starting a business in Canada.

Innovation plan.
Have a strong business plan and a good idea

Research the market and ask consultants for advice and help. Choose a legal structure and set your finances. Notify all the customers and suppliers about expanding your business to Ontario. Make sure not to lose too much time when moving, because in this case time is money. Apply for all the permits and register your business in ON. For renting an office, most business owners hire local real estate agents because they know the market.

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