Wisconsin family moving to Florida – how to adapt to a new lifestyle

Are you a Wisconsin family moving to Florida? Well, if you are, then you should start looking for ways on how to adapt to a new lifestyle. If you never moved before, trust us, you will experience a cultural shock. Dealing with that shock is not easy, especially for children. They will be leaving their home, their friends, and everything they are familiar with. So, it is your job as a parent to help your children adjust as quickly as possible. Luckily, that is not going to be hard as you are moving to an amazing state. Florida has always been a dream come true for many families. After all, Florida is the home of Disneyland and of never-ending summers. Moreover, we are also here to help you out by sharing with you some helpful tips and tricks on how to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Have a Family Meeting

First things first – every family move must start with a family meeting. So, prepare your family’s favorite meals, get everyone around the table, and start talking. Tell your children why this move is necessary and how your family will benefit from it. Prepare yourself for some crying, yelling, and overall stressing. Allow your children to share their feelings and opinions.¬†Once you ensure that everybody is on the same page, start discussing the details of the move. This will prepare your children for the upcoming events. If possible, try to make them feel included. You can, for example, provide them with some cardboard boxes and give them instructions on how to pack art supplies, toys, books, clothes, etc.

A family packing
Talk to your children and other family members – it will help them prepare for the move.

Research Florida ‘From Top to Bottom’

If you want to have a smooth and stress-free moving experience from Wisconsin to Florida, be sure to hire reliable movers. Reliable assistance is a must for family relocations. Why? Because they will do everything moving-related so that you can have plenty of time to be with your family and help them adapt to a new lifestyle. So, take advantage of that. The best way to prepare for your new home is to research it from top to bottom. If you already found your new home, show it to your children. Furthermore, research the schools, parks, playing areas, supermarkets, sightseeing places, beaches, etc. Research even things like hospitals, banks, restaurants, libraries. Knowing where each thing is located will help you adapt to a new lifestyle better and quicker. Moreover, it will also give you peace of mind as you will not feel like a helpless stranger.

Create Familiar Spaces in Your New Home

Once you move into your new Florida home and unpack all of your moving boxes, it would be a good idea to think about creating some familiar spaces in there. For instance, you can try to recreate your children’s bedrooms. Paint the walls in the same colors, put the furniture in the same positions, etc. You can do this with other rooms too if you are the one feeling homesick and anxious. Moving anxiety is nothing new nor uncommon, and creating familiar space in a new home will ease the transition. What you can do is hang pictures and photos on the walls, put a lot of blankets and pillows on the sofas, and do everything in your power to make the new home look as comforting as possible. Creating familiar spaces in your new home may not necessarily help you adapt to a new lifestyle, but it will surely make you and your family feel better right after moving.¬†

a family laughing while trying to adapt to a new lifestyle
One of the best ways to adapt to a new lifestyle is to make your new home feel familiar and comforting.

Feeling Homesick is Okay – Accept It

Just like anxiety, homesickness is also a perfectly normal thing to experience after moving to a new state. It is not easy to immerse yourself in a new culture where everything is different – people, customs, laws, etc. When this happens, we all want those comforts and familiarities we had back at home. And that is perfectly okay. Learn to accept and embrace it. The sooner you do, the easier will it be for you to adapt to a new lifestyle and overcome the cultural shock. Do not be afraid to be a stranger. Take your time to explore the street, neighborhood, the city. Be a tourist, instead of a stranger. And, after a while, you will soon see your change and the change of your family. You will all adapt to a new lifestyle in Florida without even noticing it.

A mother and daughter reading a book.
Rely on your family – it is the only thing that can help you overcome the feelings of homesickness.

Put on Your Walking Shoes and Explore – That is the Best Way to Adapt to Your New Lifestyle

If, however, the only things you feel after moving to Florida are joy and excitement, then unpack those necessities and put on your walking shoes. Start by exploring your street and neighborhood. Check out every inch of it. It would also be a good idea to meet your neighbors too – who knows, maybe they soon become your family’s new best friends. After getting to know your surroundings, start exploring even more. You can check out the city’s sightseeing places first. Take your family to a nice restaurant to try the city’s specialties. This will get all of your minds from moving and allow you to have fun and relax after all that moving-related tasks. If you have the time, go on a trip to one of Florida’s many mesmerizing beaches. With all of these events and things to do, adapting to a new lifestyle in Florida will not be hard.

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