2020 Living costs and moving tips for everyone who want to move to Miami

Do you want to live in one of the biggest cities in Florida – Miami? It has beautiful sand beaches, a lot of bars, restaurants, great weather, a lot of people including tourists, but before you move to Miami this year, you need to know how to move and how much money you will need. Moving in 2020 is different than before because of the coronavirus pandemic and all of us need to practice social distancing and other security measures. But, it is possible to move and moving companies are still in business.

How to move to Miami – tips

If you are moving for the first time, then you definitely need some tips to help you organize your move, especially now, during the pandemic. Moving to Florida amid the COVID-19 outbreak is possible but with practicing some measures. Protect yourself and the people around you too.

  • Contact your movers if you booked then before the pandemic to confirm your move to Miami because many people rescheduled relocation.
  • Buy all the packing supplies in one go, and do go out multiple times.
  • Clean items as you pack because coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces.
  • If someone from your family had the COVID 19, notify your movers about that and also ask them if someone from their team had the virus.
  • Always wear gloves and face masks and provide hygiene products for movers too on a moving day.
  • Cancel the move if you are feeling some of the coronavirus symptoms and call a doctor immediately.
Beach in Miami.
Plan your move to Miami and enjoy


Simple moving and packing tips

By having a guide or a moving checklist, your relocation to Miami will be easier to handle. Pack and move like a pro and start your new life in Miami, FL relaxed.

  • Choose a neighborhood in Miami to move according to your priorities and lifestyle. It is one of the best cities for singles in Florida, but also, many families and retires live here too.
  • Get rid of unnecessary items because this way your location will be cheaper and you won’t lose too much time packing.
  • Items you won’t move, you can sell or donate to charity.
  • Collect enough moving boxes and other packing supplies if you are not going to hire professional packers.
  • Start packing ASAP and don’t waste your time. Packing often takes more time than expected. Label every moving box after packing.
  • If you won’t move by yourself, book a moving company early. Or if you will move items by yourself, make a plan on how will you transport boxes, renting a moving vehicle is one of the options.
  • Schedule utilities in your new home in Miami.
  • Don’t forget to pack an essential moving box, it will be very helpful during the move.
A checklist to move to Miami easy.
Create a to-do list before you start organizing your move to Miami

Hiring a company for Miami relocation

To move to Miami in 2020 stress-free, simple, and fast, you should hire a reliable moving company, especially if it is a long-distance relocation. Most transportation companies are still working beside the pandemic. After all, the situation now is a little bit better.

With some simple tips, you will pick the best movers:

  • Get referrals from your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc.
  • Look online too, by researching websites and other company’s profiles and reading the online reviews from past clients. One of the sites to visit it purpleheartmovinggroup.com.
  • Pick about 3 or 4 moving companies and get an in-home moving estimate from all of them and compare the bids.
  • Watch out of red flags and pay attention to details such as a logo on the moving vehicle, t-shirts, a large deposit, etc.
  • Hire a company with a license and insurance to avoid unpleasant surprises during your move.
  • Verify their physical address on the mover’s website and the phonebook.

Renting a storage unit in Miami

What to do with your items if your home in Miami is not ready yet? Where to store them? Renting a temporary storage unit when moving is one oft he best and safest options for your belongings. Also, you can use it at a storage space if your Miami apartment is too small. If you are moving to Miami on a budget, don’t worry, there are storage solutions that are affordable yet reliable so you can stay within the budget and save money.

Costs of living in Miami in 2020

Costs of life in Florida are relatively low, compared to other states in the USA. Miami, on the other hand, is a little bit more expensive than other Florida cities. Before you move anywhere, researching the costs of living is essential, so you will know how much money you will need after moving. Overall, Miami is 23% more expensive than the US average and about 20% more expensive than the Florida average.

  • Housing is the biggest factor when it comes to costs of living, the average home price is $330,000, but most people, around 70% are renting a home.
  • The median rent is $1,150, and if you want a two-bedroom apartment, the average price is $1,600. Of course, rent in the city center is more expensive, so if you want to spend less on rent, search for an apartment outside of the city center.
  • Costs of utility bills vary, it is not the same during the summer and winter months. Winter months are cheaper because you don’t need air conditioning or heating. The average cost of basic utilities is $160.
  • Food is a little bit more expensive than the national average, but you can find supermarkets where the prices are more affordable.
  • If you want to drive a car, the biggest cost will be insurance. Or you can use public transportation, a monthly unlimited bus pass is $112.5.
Know the costs of moving and costs after moving too

Set a budget before you move to Miami and organize it in advance. Keep in mind that there are some ways to cut moving costs and save money. After moving, explore Miami because it has a lot to offer. Not only beaches and bars.

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