Moving day expectations vs reality

You might have some expectations of what your moving day will look like. You’re prepared, organized and you’ll avoid making moving mistakes that might complicate your move. But, reality can be quite different from our moving day expectations. Here’s what you should know ahead of time.

A detailed plan is necessary for a more realistic moving day expectations

This means that you should make all the decisions before the moving day. For example, how many rooms do you want to move on the first day, are you going to use additional services your movers offer and who’s going to help you.

A man carrying boxes.
It might be harder than you think

The moving company might surprise you

The costs of your move vary, depending on many different factors. That’s the reason why your moving company should give you a personalized quote, based on details that your move involves. Also, you should keep in mind that additional services, like if the movers pack your boxes, cost extra. But, the thing is, you shouldn’t be surprised by the final bill. That’s why before the moving day, you and movers should be on the same page regarding your price. And it always helps to have good movers by your side, like this one right here at You can rely on these professionals, and that’s exactly what you need on a moving day. On the other side, if you’ve decided to go with a DIY move, you’re still going to need help, from your friends at least. And in that case, things might not go as fast as you’d expected them to.

It might take longer than you think

Moving day is more than one day, depending on how you look at it. Take your time as a lot of preparation goes into that one moving day. And it can easily be a long day, so it’s always good for someone by your side. It is a tiring process, so take breaks, and remember that you don’t have to do it all in one day. The trick is to be ready for when the day comes and to actually finish a part of the job before that day. You can move to your new home some of the items you don’t need.

Box and keys.
It might take longer than one day

Not everything has to fit

You might have a nice plan on how to maneuver your huge couch down the stairs. But, in reality, it might not go that easily. But, besides having the right help, there’s something you can do to see if it fits. Measure all of your furniture before you start carrying it down the stairs. And have a basic plan of how this process is going to go. Otherwise, the couch might get stuck in the narrow staircase or doorways.

Unexpected circumstances

Planning for the unexpected will make your moving day expectations more realistic. What can you do to make your move easier in the case of bad weather, or someone not being able to help you on a moving day? A backup plan can help you survive the moving day.

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