Converting a garage to a living space

Very often we find ourselves in need of additional space within our home. Certainly, decluttering can do the trick once or twice, but there is a point when we have accumulated so many things that we just need an additional room in our home. On the other hand, sometimes we get family reinforcement in terms of a child or elderly loved one. Naturally, in this scenario, we would also need extra space. One of the smartest ways to achieve this goal is by converting a garage into a living space.

Convert a garage into an extra room because of these PROs

Redesigning your basement is also an option when extra space is needed. But for not let’s see why converting a garage space is an excellent solution to your problem.

No need to relocate

Moving and looking for a new home is a hassle that you would want to avoid. Especially, if you love your current home. By expanding your living space to the garage, you are covering the needs of your family without disrupting their lives by moving. Surely, you will have a big project on your hands. However, while you execute it you can stay in the comfort of your home.

Converting a garage will help you this type of scene where your family member is struggling to move a bunch of cardboard boxes.
By expanding the space that you already have you are spearing your family from a dreadful relocation.

No additional building necessary when converting a garage

Since a garage already has a roof, walls, and a foundation there will be no need for extra building. All you need to do is the conversion process. Don’t get confused. It will not be an easy project to follow through with. Yet, it is much less complicated than starting from scratch.

Before you start, get to know the CONs

Don’t forget that your garage is your car’s home. Once you are done with converting a garage there is no going back. It would be wise to have some other type of shelter for your vehicle. Carports are always a great option. Another difficulty you might come across is a lack of storage space. When we pack our things for storage it often ends up in the garage. Now that space is gone, which means you will have to declutter or rent a storage unit.

How much will it cost?

Adapting your garage into a living space will cost you a lot less than building additional space from scratch. Still, don’t think that this development will not cost you a nice chunk of money. Depending on the structure that you would like it can cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. If you would like to build a bathroom as well, add at least an additional 10K to your budget. The renovations will last anywhere between four and six weeks. However, a more specific estimate should be provided by your contractor.

Different amount dollar bills rolled up.
Adapting your garage into a living space will cost you a lot less than building a room from scratch. Still, it will severely damage your bank account.

You will need professional help

Converting a garage on your own is not something that you can do unless you are a construction wizard yourself. You might be able to pinch in on smaller tasks but handling this big venture on your own is not wise. Interview contractors and make sure you hire the best possible person for the job. Your home is your pride and joy. So, make sure you put it in safe hands.

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