More affordable alternatives to Miami

When it comes to a place like Miami, then you already know how amazing and great it is. This city in Florida is for a reason one of the favorite cities for so many various personalities. It has the power to attract people who are looking to start over and find something interesting. Also, it is home to numerous fun clubs, great restaurants, and beautiful beaches. But even though this might sounds perfect, there’s so much more to Florida than Miami. You see, there are cities, small towns, islands, isolated beaches, etc. All of that you can find for a lower price tag and with way fewer tourists. So, let’s see what are those more affordable alternatives to Miami!

First, you need to know what you want

When looking for more affordable alternatives to Miami, you must set up your priorities. Thanks to that, you will be able to start searching for the right place, and later house. And since you are preparing for the big move, you need to know a few important things. Those are the reasons why you are planning on moving out of Miami. 

  • For starters, are you relocating by yourself or with someone?
  • What is the main reason – family, job, school, friends, etc.?
  • The next is affordability – is life in Florida as affordable as it used to be?
  • Or, you just want to change the scenery?

After you decide that moving out of Miami is the best option, it’s time to pick the right place to be your new home.

Money - Make sure to explore all of your options to find more affordable alternatives to Miami.
Take your time and don’t rush when looking for more affordable alternatives to Miami.

Boca Raton is one of the most affordable alternatives to Miami

Boca Raton is for sure one of the best places you should consider moving to. The Big Man’s Moving Company Florida will be ready for you any time, and all you have to do is to find the perfect new home here. You see, Boca Raton has everything that Miami has, but it is much smaller and easier to walk around. Here you will find tons of high-end shopping, great malls, and so many beautiful beaches. 

Delray Beach

Another spot that is more affordable alternatives to Miami is Delray Beach. This beautiful town is small, but it has the amenities of a big city. Even though this place has one of the best beaches, you will also find here plenty of awesome restaurants that aren’t crazy expensive. Once you move here, make sure to visit Atlantic Avenue. At this spot, you can shop for everything from designer sunglasses to cheesy beach bags and clothes. Also, while walking, you can see plenty of art-deco buildings. So, when it comes to this colorful beach town, you shouldn’t hesitate. Plan your move and have nothing to worry about. The best moving crew can transport your stuff to another city from Miami in no time. And all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and get ready for exploring Delray Beach.

Clearwater is another more affordable alternatives to Miami

So, another great and affordable option will be Clearwater. This place is great if you want to explore the Gulf Coast of Florida. Just hire some packing assistance to save your time, while you can start exploring this area. Head there, and prepare for enjoying. The views are beautiful and whatever you want to doon the beach it is way cheaper than in Miami. The water is bright blue, and maybe it has the whitest sand in the Sunshine State. Visitors and locals are spending their time at Marine Aquarium. This aquarium is so much more than usual aquariums. Here, people are dedicating to rehabilitating injured dolphins and sea turtles and setting them free again into the wild. 

Clearwater Florida.
Clearwater is both. An affordable and beautiful place!


Welcome to Jacksonville! This is a very special place, and its another great option if you are planning on saving more money. You see, the reasons why millennials are moving to Miami are pretty much the same. They are looking for hustle and bustle and they are willing to pay a much higher price for that. But when you are searching for something opposite, then Jacksonville should be your moving option. This city is great, and it is perfect for a beach getaway. All you have to do is to head east of the downtown area to Amelia Island, Black Hammock Island, and Jacksonville Beach. You will see, that this whole area is lined with great boardwalks for jogging, amazing seafood restaurants, and super quiet shores.

Fort Lauderdale is another more affordable alternatives to Miami

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect combination of so many things. For starters, most people who fly into southern Florida aim for the airport here. Also, this place is one of the cheapest to fly into and the Tri-Rail system makes it easy to head straight out to somewhere else. But apart from that, another great thing here are the beaches. You should know that Fort Lauderdale was one of the first Florida beach destinations. It was the number one thing that attracts out-of-state visitors. Now, this place is filled with lots of hotels and amazing bars. Also, it has perfect spots where you can party the night away without spending a fortune. So, when you decide to move here, make sure you use a guide to finding affordable moving services in Miami.

Fort Lauderdale.
Once you move to Fort Lauderdale, you will discover how this place is so more affordable than Miami.


When thinking about moving out of Miami, one thing is for sure. You will now have the opportunity to save more money in your budget. Have this in mind when you start looking for another place to be your new home. Even though there is not a better city that can offer you what Miami has, but you will have extra cash for something else. You can have the beach, a favorite bar, a night club, where you won’t have to spend a fortune. All you have to do is to find the more affordable alternatives to Miami.

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