Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families moving from Miami

Moving from Miami to Brooklyn with your family is a big step. But, it can be one of the best decisions in your entire life. There are many great neighborhoods for families in Brooklyn. But, which one is the best for you and your kids? Here’s a guide to the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families moving from Miami, as well as some tips for preparing for the relocation.

How to find the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families moving from Miami?

Before you start using the ultimate guide to organizing an interstate move from Miami, you should know that moving isn’t easy. But, when it comes to family relocation, it’s even more complicated. When finding the best place for your new home, you have to do what’s best for every family member. So, you need to achieve compromises and balance. Here are some tips you can use to find a neighborhood in Brooklyn for your new family home.

  • Local schools. When looking for a neighborhood, this is a major factor to consider. You want your kids to attend the best schools possible. 
  • Your job. Since you’re moving from Miami, you’ve probably found a job in Brooklyn before you’ve decided to move. So, when choosing a neighborhood, consider how far away it is from your job. Also, if you don’t have a car, make sure the neighborhood has a good connection to your job via public transport.
  • Safety. Research well, and make sure your new neighborhood doesn’t have rising crime lately.
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Know what to consider when searching for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families.

Moving from Miami to Brooklyn with family

Moving with a family isn’t an easy task, however, you can take a few steps to make the process less stressful. The key is in careful organization and planning. Here are tips to follow when moving from Miami to Brooklyn with family:

  • Talk to your family. Explain to your kids the reasons for the move. Have an honest and understanding conversation with them. Explain to them why moving is inevitable, include them in the process ask for their opinion.
  • Include the whole family when choosing a place to live. You can see homes together, show them the best choices, and let them decide.
  • Hire movers. Once you find the place to live, the most stressful part is coming. And, that is moving. So, to save your peace and make relocation easier, hire U. Santini Moving and Storage. They are a professional moving company, and they can cover the whole relocation for you. From beginning to the finish if that is your wish.

Now, take a look at some of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families moving from Miami.

Park Slope

Park Slope is known as the best place for young professionals and entrepreneurs. However, in time this neighborhood developed into an ideal place for families also. What makes Park Slope a perfect neighborhood to raise kids is the overall safety and historically low crime rates. Also, the infrastructure is excellent with almost perfect public transportation. Park Slope also has an excellent school system, and the choice is abundant among both public and private schools. All these features are coupled with expanses of greenery, numerous bars, and restaurants. This neighborhood is exceptionally diverse, with something for every soul. Park Slope is a friendly neighborhood for any family. So, moving here is a great choice. But, make sure you get a storage unit when relocating. Rent a secure unit for your belongings because you never know what can happen during the moving process. 

Park Slope is a beautiful and family-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn.

However, there is one negative thing to mention about Park Slope. That’s the high cost of living. So, if you’re looking to move to Brooklyn on a budget, pick some other neighborhood that’s better suited for you.

Cobble Hill – One of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families moving from Miami

Just a few steps from the Brooklyn downtown, you’ll find the beautiful and historic neighborhood of Cobble Hill. This place is famous to be one of its most suitable areas for families with children. If you decide to move here, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of the downtown, but, without having the noise of the big city. If it’s possible, try to visit this beautiful neighborhood before moving and find the perfect home for your family. In case that’s not possible for you, face the possibility of hiring a local crew in this area can give you a hand and relocate again. 

Another important feature of Cobble Hill is Lake Placid in the middle of the neighborhood. This is a place where you can have a picnic, hike, run, and more. So, consider this neighborhood because it’s the most versatile for younger families.

Bay Ridge

There is a reason why many families move to Bay Ridge. And, a great atmosphere and location have something to do with it. Bay Ridge witnessed a housing boom, and there are various types of housing available for your family. And, the price isn’t high as in Park Slope. So, moving here is a great decision. But, when relocating, make sure you avoid 5 moving mistakes that may complicate your moveThis place is a mixture of new and old, with the feeling of the small town. The streets here are filled with detached houses with driveways, garages, and backyards. Even though Bay Ridge hasn’t changed much, it’s still a thriving and diverse neighborhood. Plus, it’s safe and quiet, and that makes it perfect for families.

House Brooklyn
Bay Ridge may be the perfect place for you and your family after moving from Miami.


Even though Williamsburg got vibrant nightlife and plenty of cafes and restaurants, that’s not all this neighborhood has to offers. It is a perfect family-friendly place. So, make your room by room packing checklist and relocate here. Your kids will have a blast at McCarren Park. It’s the most popular spot for outdoor activities here.

Also, there are many playgrounds nearby, so even smaller kids will have fun here. Moreover, because of Williamsburg’s location, parents can commute to any part of NYC. Also, despite its hustle and bustle, this neighborhood is calm and accepting. Plus, residents are diverse, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of acceptance.

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