Counties you Should Consider if you Want to Move from Florida to New Jersey

Often times, people relocate for work, sometimes for pleasure and a change of scenery, and sometimes it’s for the entire family. Whatever the reason may be, the key strategies and tactics almost always remain the same for a successful move. When it comes to your move from Florida to New Jersey, it’s very important to begin the process with a well-structured plan. Moreover, when you are considering and deciding where to move, there are many factors and elements that weigh into the decision making of what the best places might be. With that being said, it takes thorough research and combined statistics to find New Jersey counties worth moving to. Throughout the text, we’ll evaluate which counties to consider and how to ensure that your move is simple and efficient.

Move from Florida to New Jersey

As we mentioned, the first step to a successful move from Florida to New Jersey is a well-structured plan. A good plan will consist of a solid moving timeline, enabling you to plan your relocation in a few stages. By tackling each task individually, you will stress less and be more efficient as you will have a visual of everything required to be completed.

The map of the USA and the city of New York pinned on it.
A move from one state to another requires research, early preparation and a good plan.

In addition, when you have a plan in motion it is your guide throughout the process. It’s during this time that you should also begin your research on New Jersey counties one should consider moving to. Ensure to compare a few counties at once to get a better idea of which location is the best option for you.

New Jersey Counties

With 21 counties in the state of New Jersey, at least there is a variety of places to choose from. The key is to do research on a few counties so that you have a better image of each. This way, when you analyze the statistics and information of each, you’ll be able to better decide which one is best suited for you. Let’s take a look at a few good locations for your move from Florida to New Jersey!

Passaic County

One of the top counties within New Jersey is Passaic County, which is part of the New York metropolitan area. This county is a great option for a move as it has a calm and quiet vibe to it. With lots of parks and local shops, there is always something to do and explore. Some towns worth visiting and considering include Wayne, Ringwood, and Pompton Lakes. Each of these has good amenities and a very well rated public school system.

If you happen to think that Passaic County is the place for you, consider professional assistance! If you are able to find helpful assistance in the area, you will definitely notice your move becoming less stressful. With the help of local movers, your move from Florida to New Jersey becomes much more efficient. 

Morris County

Another one on the list of counties to consider when moving from the Sunshine State to New Jersey is Morris County. The county itself has deep historical roots, and it has been known as the Military Capital of the American Revolution. Speaking of its popularity, the county has recently been named as a county with the top ten towns in New Jersey to live in!

As a very safe county with great schools, and lots of restaurants and cafes, a city like Boonton is a great choice! With a suburban feel to it and amazing communities, you can rely on teams that can assist you. Local professionals within Boonton will know the area well, hence making your move overall much simpler. 

A road sign pointing to two opposite directions.
Which county would you move to?

Bergen County

One of the best counties in New Jersey belongs to Bergen County for sure. When it comes to health and safety measures, alongside well-rated schools, Bergen County takes the title for that too. With a good quality of life and an affordable cost of living, some of the towns to consider within this county include Ridgewood, Fort Lee, East Rutherford, etc.

If you have a chance to visit the county prior to making a moving decision, then take the opportunity. Seeing the communities in person and getting the feel of a place will help you visualize your life there easier. Using a variety of tactics when moving will help you reduce relocating stress.

Moving Companies

Getting assistance from a reliable and experienced moving company can really make a difference when relocating. It’s important to find a team of local movers early on to secure a moving day and to discuss all important aspects of working with a professional moving company. Hence, ensure to reach out to ahead of time to figure everything out at the beginning of the process. This way you can implement your ideas and plans into the main moving plan and ensure that your move from Florida to New Jersey runs smoothly.

A clock and three piles of coins representing the time and the moving budget for your move from Florida to New Jersey.
Always consider setting a budget for your move. It will help keep your finances intact in the long run.

Decision Making

Are you still considering whether to move from Florida to New Jersey? Hopefully, at this point, you have somewhat of a better idea of how to approach this relocation and ensure its success. It all starts with a thorough and detailed moving plan that you can use as your guide throughout this process. While you maintain a good level of organization and efficiency, conduct research on some of the top counties within the state of New Jersey. Well done research will definitely help you evaluate and analyze which county and town are best for you to move to.

The key to a successful move is a good plan, organization skills, and a good timeline. As long as you ensure to take this process step by step and remain focused throughout, you can kick stress and complications out the window. Therefore, grab a paper and pen, put together a plan, and enjoy your move!

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