Miami vs Los Angeles from the business owners’ perspective

Being a business owner is not an easy job. The goal of every business is to be successful and to earn money. One of the first steps (and the most important) is to choose a location for your business. Deciding between Miami vs Los Angeles can cause a lot of stress. It is a big financial investment.

Before making any step in this process – do research first. Explore the job market, competition, set a budget, etc. It is not a task for one person. From the business owners’ perspective – which city is better for you. LA and Miami are in different states, with different rules, lifestyles, jobs, people.

Miami vs Los Angeles – where to start a business

Miami is one of the top 3 Florida cities to start a business, but it is not the only place to consider. Los Angeles is also a great city. So, what are the differences between these two cities, and how to make the final decision? After choosing a place for your office, the rest will be easier. Here are some differences to consider:

  • Household income in Los Angeles is 60% more than it is in Miami
  • The unemployment rate in Miami is 8.3% (the US average is 6%)
  • The unemployment rate in LA is 10.6%
  • Florida does not have income taxes, while income taxes in California are 8%
  • Sales Taxes in FL are 7% and in CA are 9.5%
  • The future job growth in Miami is 42.7% and in LA it is around 34.6%
  • In both cities, most people work in sales, office, and administrative support

The type of your business is the most important factor when choosing where to move and expand a business. Some industries are more successful in Miami than they are in Los Angeles.

  • Major industries in Miami are financial services, tourism, trade, and media.
  • Major industries in Los Angeles are entertainment, aerospace, tourism, and technology.

Different cities – different opportunities! California for newcomers from Miami may be expensive, but sometimes, to be a successful business owner, you need to take a risk. Costs of living in LA are higher and the difference is not small. Set a budget and be financial prepared if you want to move to LA from Miami.

If you want to start a business in Miami, FL you need first to research it completely before making the final decision

Moving a business to another state

It is not easy to move a business from one state to another. If you are moving from Miami to LA, the best option for relocation is to hire a professional moving company that has experience with commercial relocation. 

Of course, running a business in another state is not a perfect way for business owners. In most cases, business owners are moving to the place where their office is. To change the address stress-free and move from California to Florida with ease, you should find a company that will help you with both relocations – residential and commercial too. Prepare all the documentation, get the permits you will need to start a business, find an office space, gather a team of smart people you can trust, and set your finances. The “battle” between Miami vs Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is a fun, exciting, strong, rich, and beautiful city, but, you need to keep in mind that the competition is strong

Rent a storage unit in LA for business needs

If you decide to open a business in LA and to move here, consider renting a storage unit. You may need it when moving interstate or for your business needs too. Luckily, LA has plenty of storage facilities you can choose from and one of the company’s websites to explore, in order to find the best storage (and moving) services is

They come in different sizes and types. You can even rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Another advantage of renting a storage unit for your business is that your office will be clean and decluttered. Keep in mind that offices are not cheap to rent or buy. So, having a big office won’t be cheap, but having an additional storage unit where you can store all the goods, is a more affordable option.

Move a business without losing productivity

If you already have a business and move it to a new place, how to do it without losing productivity? For businesses – time is money, so the key is to be quick and efficient. Stay productive when moving business.

  • Make plans – it is not enough just to choose between Miami vs Los Angeles. You need to prepare a good business plan and to know everything in advance. Create a timeline for business relocation and work with people you trust. You won’t be able to move a business to another state only by yourself. Know how to safely move your business documentation, goods, notify your employees on time, etc.
  • Tell everyone you are moving – tell all your clients and suppliers that the business address will be different in the future. Hire someone from your team to contact all the people that need to know about moving.
  • Move on a weekend – most businesses don’t work on weekends, and if it the case with you too, then spend a weekend on moving. This way, you won’t lose too many days.
  • Set a new office before moving in – because you are in another state, you cannot set a new office space by yourself. But, you can always hire professional cleaners and interior designers. This way, your new office will be ready for business.
A staff meeting about choosing between Miami vs Los Angeles.
Talk to your team about the perfect location for a business. Having more opinions is a good thing

Choosing Miami vs Los Angeles is a big step, especially when you will invest a huge amount of money. As a business owner, you should hire a lawyer, a local real estate agent, and find new employees too. Make a plan for each step. And good luck!

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