Turn your guest room into a nursery in 5 easy steps

Having a baby is an enjoyable and exciting time for parents. However, this also requires some changes in your life and around the house. Your baby needs to have a place to sleep. A very own space where baby can feel completely comfortable, secure, and can happily nap. But, sometimes there might be a slight problem with regard to space. In those cases, it’s best to turn your guest room into a nursery. So, here are 5 easy steps to achieve this.

1. Plan how you’ll turn your guest room into a nursery

First of all, you need to plan what you’re going to do. So, check out your guest room. Decide whether or not you’ll be using any furniture items in it for the nursery or whether you’ll transfer them to another room. If there are any fragile items, learn how to pack breakables for storage. Then, determine what furniture items you wish to incorporate in the nursery. But, keep in mind that this is directly affected by your budget and the available space. If your guest room is small, you have to plan out the best layout to fit all you want effectively.

Crib Baby Toys - Turn your guest room into a nursery
You can turn your guest room into a nursery with the proper plan.

2. The color scheme and walls

Next, decide on the color scheme you’ll apply. If you know the baby’s gender, you can opt for traditional blue or pink tones. But, there are many more options to choose from for nursery color schemes. The key is to create a bright and peaceful space. You can try one of the 7 calming nursery colors. Next, once you choose the general color scheme, you can decide whether to paint the walls or put wallpaper. Also, consider using stencils to brighten up the walls with cute drawings. Then there are wall stickers as well. The decision is yours.

3. Add the furniture

The next step to do to turn your guest room into a nursery is adding furniture items. The main necessities are the crib, changing table, a comfortable chair, and a drawer or small wardrobe for storing baby’s things. If you plan to use this room as a play area later, consider adding some shelves and a storage chest for toys. You can use any furniture items you own. Just refresh them by sanding, filling any chipped areas, and painting them a more lively color. 

4. Add the furnishing and decorations

Now, add that extra comfort with soft furnishings. Put carpets, bed linen, cushions, and curtains. But, make sure you retain the color scheme of the nursery. Also, along with furnishing, you can add some decorative items. Such as teddy bears and picture frames to create a nicer atmosphere. Use the tips for preparing mirrors for storage if you had it in the guest room that’s now a nursery.

Nursery Room Furniture
The right decorations and furnishing can add warmth and character to your nursery.

5. Turn your guest room into a nursery – Lighting

When turning your guest room into a nursery, make sure you select lighting fixtures that are suitable for nurseries. So, if there is anything large or fussy, remove it. Work with simple shades and dimmers. The lights should create a relaxing atmosphere for the baby to sleep well.

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