The ultimate guide to moving from Mississippi to Florida for work

Many people consider Mississippi to be one of the greatest states to live in. From pristine and untouched nature, through the schooling system and job opportunities, Mississippi has it all. It offers so much and there are many things to do. However many people tend to get away from it all. There is almost a steady flow of people moving from Mississippi to other states. Florida is among the states that are drawing people from Mississippi. Since that is the case, let’s explore the ultimate guide to moving from Mississippi to Florida for work.

Why is moving from Mississippi to Florida for work a good option?

There are many reasons people tend to leave. It’s not everyone’s dream to live there. Many want to live in more urban metro areas and states. They may seek better job offers or business conditions for their firms. Sometimes they just want to live closer to the sea and enjoy different weather. So, many states are drawing people from Mississippi for a multitude of reasons. New York, Texas, California and Florida are among the top states to exile into. So, before you start the necessary preparations for the move, weigh all your options and needs carefully.

River boat on the Mississippi River you will not see often after moving from Mississippi to Florida for work.
While Mississippi has a lot to offer those looking for a more urban environment may want to leave

Why Florida?

The state of Florida has something for everyone’s needs. Many come there to retire but the state has some great job opportunities. It is also an ocean state that offers perfect weather all year round, low cost of living, affordable living conditions, and the real estate market. Whatever your reason for moving there, let’s list some of the benefits of that decision:

  • Low taxes – The taxes in Florida are low and the income tax doesn’t exist making it in the top 15 places to live in.
  • Real estate – Many cities offer affordable housing affordable rent.
  • Diversity – Ocean, and beaches are not all the estate offers. It has a diverse nature and wildlife that is a source of tourism income and fun and relaxation.
  • Schooling and education – The state offers one of the best schooling systems and the best higher education system in the US.

Moving from Mississippi to Florida for work

If you are moving for work, you can surely find it in Florida. The economy is going strong with more and more positions opening fast. Many companies are opening their branches in Florida making it a mecca for young professionals. Job creation is on the rise with the fast inflow of young people coming in. There are plenty of online resources to help you find a job in Florida and move there.

Miami skyline.
Florida has great weather and a favorable business environment

At the same time, the state currently has one of the best environments for start-up companies. Starting up is easy, fast, and can be successful in these economic conditions. At the same time moving your company to Florida is easy and can be done securely and safely. Top destinations for post-grad students and young professionals to get work are:

  • Jacksonville – the city is home to fortune 500 companies in need of young talent
  • Miami has a great local economy and is outpacing larger cities
  • Tampa Bay is offering affordable homes and great working conditions


When you decide to move and you decide on your destination, you can prepare and organize your move. Many companies like Spyder Moving Services can and will help you with that. However, let us try to make an ultimate guide to moving from Mississippi to Florida weather you are moving for work or otherwise.

Interstate move

Moving from Mississippi to Florida is an interstate move. Moving cross country is not that easy and is usually very complicated. Make sure to hire a reputable moving company and get insured to stay safe during the process. Reputable moving companies can lift much of the burden off your shoulders. They can handle a multitude of tasks and services for a fee making the move less stressful but also more expensive.

As this type of move is also very expensive, make sure to plan your budget carefully. Plan for all of the expenses that you have to cover. Good planning and preparation of a realistic and rational budget are crucial. Make sure to start planning well in advance to make your move a success. 

Get supplies and pack

While organizing your move from Mississippi to Florida you will have to make sure your belongings are well packed and protected for the move. Interstate moves tend to take the toll on your stuff so make sure they are well packed and protected. Make sure to get the following:

  • Boxes both cardboard and plastic
  • Bubble pack and Styrofoam filling
  • Tape
  • Foil
  • Blankets and bags

Boxing things up is not that simple. You have to think things through to make sure your stuff is protected. Use new and firm cardboard or plastic boxes to protect your fragile items. Make sure you protect them well in a bubble pack or Styrofoam. At the same time, use old blankets and soft clothes to wrap and protect valuables. Make sure you have enough tape and plastic foil to wrap everything up securely. 


Make sure to declutter prior to packing. Getting rid of the stuff you don’t use or need will make it faster and easier to pack. At the same time, it will cut down your moving cost and effort to pack something you don’t need. Make sure to stay organized while packing and do not make a mess. Also, label everything to avoid damage and keep everything faster easier and nicer when unpacking.

Florida coast
Moving to Florida for work doesn’t have to be all business. Stop and enjoy Miami!

You can also hire your mover or specialized packing services to handle your packing. They will do the job professionally and make sure your stuff is protected. It may cost more but it will give you peace of mind during a couple of the day while you are separated from your stuff. 

So, there are many reasons to move from Mississippi. Florida may be one of your destinations. So, explore this detailed guide and some others as well. The final ultimate guide to moving from Mississippi to Florida for work might not exist but this seems to a good start. 

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